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Personal growth and pursuing an interest


I’ve pushed the button! I’m pursuing an interest of mine and have embarked on the second level of a wine course🍷.

It can be hard not to feel guilt as a mum, but I’m learning that it is ok to do something for myself once in a while. I’m going with the mantra that a happy parent is a better parent!

Pursuing an interest

In my recent post 2023: Direction, hobbies and fun, I mentioned my passion for wine. I love drinking it but I also have an interest in its production and want to increase my knowledge. After much deliberating, I did a WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) course last year. It was a complete beginner’s course and only took seven hours. However, as someone who works from home, it was great to get out, meet new people and do an activity unrelated to family and work. I have massive imposter syndrome in my day job so this was a great chance to have a clean slate and chat with people that also enjoyed and had an appreciation for wine.

Having passed the first level, I had toyed with doing the second but time and cost constraints pushed it to the back of my mind. Then I was very generously gifted WSET vouchers for my birthday. This meant there were no excuses!

I’m really nervous about doing it as I know it’ll require more work and time. I’m also a little worried about my ability to retain information (I swear my memory hasn’t been the same since COVID), but I need to get over all of that and just enjoy!

Going forward

I would love to turn my interest into something more. For now, I have an Instagram account dedicated to the food and drink I try and enjoy. At 435 Followers I’m no influencer, but I enjoy posting and learning from and engaging with other enthusiasts.

Update 2024

Check out my new website Vino Cibo. Don’t forget to hit me up for any of your food and drink PR needs!


About Author

I’m Fran: wife, mother-of-three and freelance publicist. My love for communicating and writing mirrors my passion for trying to be the best mum I can be. I love good food & wine, Italian culture and football and have a keen interest in personal finance. I also blog over on Epsom & Ewell Families and Habyts, and write sporadically for a number of other sites.

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