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Job Spotter: My latest obsession


I came across an app called Job Spotter on a Facebook group I’m a member of.

It got my attention as someone asked the journalist who’d trialled it, if they’d really made £700 in five months. I put stuff on Preloved, do Mum2Mum markets and NCT sales, and write the occasional guest blog post for a fee. I’m always interested in ways I can supplement my regular income. I had to find out more…

I read up and liked what I saw. Job Spotter was created by recruiter Indeed and launched in the UK in February 2017. The premise is very simple: you help businesses get the word out that they’re recruiting; you get paid via an Amazon voucher for your efforts.

How does Job Spotter work?

You download the free app (Google PlayStore or App Store on Apple), which takes a few moments, and it’s really easy from there.

  1. Fire up the app (you’ll immediately be presented with the screen for taking ‘Photo 1’ – the hiring sign)
  2. Press the camera icon to take a photo of any ‘help wanted’ or ‘hiring’ signs you see in the windows of shops, cafes, offices etc
  3. If you’re happy with it click ‘use’ or else click ‘cancel’ and retake
Job Spotter

Photo 2 screen

4. Take ‘Photo 2’ – a pic of the shop/business front the hiring sign was found in (click ‘use’ or else click ‘cancel’ and retake)

5. Click submit

That’s it.

What happens next?

You have to wait for your submission to be approved. The exact location of the sign/business hiring has to be verified and the submission has to be checked for clarity. Approved ‘spots’ can be awarded between 5 and 150 points depending on certain factors. The approval process has taken from a few minutes to a couple of hours for me.

Job spotter

Some submissions

Independent and niche businesses with homemade signs get more points. Generic hiring signs for big chains score low. One of my biggest scorers was JT Snuggs, a family owned jewellers on my local high street (205 points) and my lowest was for Pret a Manger, which got me a measly 5 points. I’ve even got points for charity shops looking for volunteers and for a paper boy/girl. I’ve been amazed at just how many local businesses are recruiting.

Job Spotter

I’ve only had one submission rejected and that was because the pub that was hiring didn’t have any signage at the time.

Every approved submission adds to your Wallet’s balance with each point worth a cent (converted to Sterling automatically). You can also get points for verifying other peoples’ submissions. I’ve just done it in my local area or where I’ve happened to be visiting and have amassed points and money quickly. However, I can easily see how you’d rack up a considerable sum if you put in some miles.

Job Spotter

I even managed to spot some jobs on holiday

You can ‘cash out’ at any time and redeem your balance for an Amazon gift card.

I’m officially hooked!

Job Spotter

* This isn’t a sponsored post


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