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Working and parenting regrets


The children are growing up fast.

Their increasing self-sufficiency is great in many regards. However, instead of seeing this as an opportunity to focus more on my career, I’m actually feeling the opposite. I now want to spend more time doing things with them as it seems like they’re starting to need me less.

Work is busier than it used to be and it’s bothering me. I miss not being able to take them here, there and everywhere during half terms, and fear that soon my eldest will be too old to want to come out with her younger sisters and me anyway.

I’m lamenting all those times I’ve been with them, but not properly because I was checking an email on my phone or mentally composing one.

Out of balance

I feel work is taking over and I’ve lost some of my family focus. I’ve dropped the ball on a couple of things lately. For instance, thinking the twins were on school dinners one particular day. They weren’t and I sent them in without a packed lunch. My husband said it was an easy thing to do (they chop and change with their lunch plans) and it was the first time it had ever happened. Precisely, I thought, I’d never let that happen before and now I had.

My mind is always darting from one thing to another and I seem to be constantly cramming everything in.


I’m at a real crossroads.

I have huge imposter syndrome, but in this case it’s actually justified. After falling into PR, I feel I’ve bobbed along without ever having a real aptitude. I wake up with work on my mind, it dominates my thoughts in the evening and I’m working longer hours; that naturally impacts how I am as a parent.

I really enjoy meal planning, shopping for ingredients and cooking when I have time. However, during the week it’s much more of a chore than a pleasure as I try to shoehorn it in amongst work. Similarly, I pine for the weekend and when it comes, we do have great family time together, but I spend a lot of time catching up on the stuff I didn’t get done in the week.

Working – what next?

I really feel like I want to climb off for a bit and take the time to enjoy my family more. If I did stop working, would I then end up with too much time on my hands whilst the children are at school? Could I ever go back to work if I did ‘take a break’? Would I really miss making a significant contribution to the family finances? Could I explore other interests? Yes, no, maybe.

What next? Truth is, I really don’t know. I do know that I need to change something.


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I’m Fran: wife, mother-of-three and freelance publicist. My love for communicating and writing mirrors my passion for trying to be the best mum I can be. I love good food & wine, Italian culture and football and have a keen interest in personal finance. I also blog over on Epsom & Ewell Families and Habyts, and write sporadically for a number of other sites.

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