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They’re growing up fast and it’s bittersweet


I loved it when my daughters started to get a bit more self-sufficient. It’s great getting to a stage where you don’t have to micromanage everything and when you can leave the house without bringing the kitchen sink. It’s also lovely seeing their developing/maturing personalities and be able to have increasingly interesting conversations. However, recently it seems that things have really started to speed up… they’re growing up fast.

Times are changing

My nine-year-olds have started trading in party dresses for hoodies and leggings, and my eldest now loves cult teen brand Brandy Melville. Sleepovers are muscling out playdates, tech is taking over from toys, fashion is replacing the dressing up box and Teen Titans has superseded My Little Pony; of course Netflix is the channel for my eldest.

Growing up

Tables have turned

I used to long for the time when the kids would sleep in. Now my husband and I are awake before them, and at weekends I’m itching to get them up.

Gone are the days when they opened their eyes and immediately demanded breakfast. Now on Saturdays and Sundays I’m chivvying them to come downstairs so that breakfast doesn’t turn into brunch and the day doesn’t evaporate. They no longer demand a full itinerary and are quite happy to mill about the house of a weekend. I’m more likely to be the one pestering to do something.

One of the ultimate growing up milestones

We’ve recently had one of the biggest signs that times are a changing: my 12-year-old started her periods. She seemed very underwhelmed about the whole thing; something that I considered to be a rather significant milestone. She didn’t want to talk much about it not because she felt embarrassed, it was just she didn’t feel the need. I think I was a bit disappointed that, aside from purchasing the necessaries, she didn’t seem to need me much at all.

What if my eldest doesn’t need me that much any more in general and her younger sisters aren’t that far behind?

Never too old for…

Happily, no one’s too old for playing games, messing about and being a bit silly. Even a nearly teenager still loves settling down and watching a film together as a family. I’m pretty confident that won’t change 🙂


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