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Measuring Children’s Feet at Home


Shoe shops are shut right now, so online ordering it is along with DIY feet measuring if you’re buying for children. I called Clarks to find out how to measure feet at home as I want to take advantage of its 20% off weekend (for Twins Trust members).

Here are Clarks pointers for measuring children’s’ feet:

  • Get the child to stand on a piece of paper and draw around their foot
  • Draw a dot at the little toe joint and another at the big toe joint
Managed to get second child’s feet on the same page
  • Take a measuring tape over the foot and measure from one point to another (in mm)
Measuring from the little toe joint marking to the big toe joint marking
  • Measure from the tip of the longest toe to the heel on the paper
  • Repeat for other foot
  • Phone Clarks with the measurements and they’ll convert into a size

Clarks stressed that this wouldn’t be as accurate as an in-store measurement. They also said to bear in mind that there is only a difference of 4mm between shoe sizes and because of this it’s often better to air on the side of bigger so they get some growing room.

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