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Wype: Eco-friendly wet wipes that are peachy


Once in a while a product I hear about catches my attention. You might be surprised when I say the product in question is an alternative to toilet/wet wipes.

Traditional wet wipes

I used countless wet wipes when my children were babies. Then I used many more to clean bums properly as they got older. Most recently, my eldest uses them by the dozen to freshen up now she’s started her periods. They’ve been a bulky staple in my bag for many years.

Despite being a fan of their cleaning power, I’ve always known wet wipes are bad for the environment. I didn’t realise quite how bad though; the UK throws away 11 billion of them each year. They also cause 300,000 annual sewer blockages. We’ve been there ourselves after a couple of incidents where the children have thrown them down the loo by mistake.

Wype: eco-friendly toilet wipe gel

Wype is a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes. You apply the vegan, cruelty-free gel – which is made with 99% natural ingredients including aloe vera, camomile and coconut – to your regular toilet paper and it transforms it into a biodegradable and flushable wet wipe. 

The gel has a good consistency and one squirt/pump is enough for a single piece of toilet tissue. After folding the paper (to spread the gel), it has the perfect moisture level and leaves you feeling fresh and super clean after use.

One squirt is enough to create a ‘wipe’

Wype product details

The 100ml bottle contains enough gel for 200 pumps, which the makers say, on average, lasts one person 4-6 weeks, but hey we’re all different šŸ˜‰ It is also gentle enough to use on babies.

The bottle (recyclable aluminium) is really nicely branded so isn’t embarrassing on display in your bathroom or in your bag if you’re out and about and using public loos. At Ā£9.99, it works out at 5p a wipe; the refill at Ā£5.99 brings it down to 3p per wipe.

Find out more

Visit for more details on the range and the company, which won the 2021 Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge for preventing 3.5 million wet wipes from polluting the environment.


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