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Travelling with kids – the ultimate ticklist


The team at flight comparison website have put together the ultimate checklist for travelling with kids. Definitely a few things I hadn’t thought of!

Travelling with kids

Most parents are well versed in the usual things to chuck in the suitcase when travelling with their children… enough SPF 50, hydration sachets and mosquito repellent to last a decade; a snack supply that’d feed an army and enough baby wipes to clean a thousand bottoms.

While these items are staples when away as a family, there are a few more items you might have missed off the list of essentials. These can take the holiday from survivable to enjoyable!

Travel board games

A simple travel game can result in hours of simple family entertainment… a game by the side of the pool during the day, a family game in the evening to help the kids wind down or even something to entertain the adults after the children have gone to bed. It’s easy to overlook classic board games but you’ll be surprised by how much fun you’ll all have.

Cameras – disposable, Polaroid, underwater

It’s not all about those filtered digital images primed and perfected for Instagram. Taking a different kind of camera can result in a diverse and brilliant bank of memories. You can go old school and actually get them printed or even mount on the wall in a collage to look at every day. Having those off-the-cuff moments captured is something pretty special.

iPad, Kindle, smartphone, handheld games, chargers and other electronic devices 

There’s a strong argument to leaving them all at home; holidays are about family time after all: making memories, seeing actual faces and talking to each other. They are also about having ten minutes to put your feet up and drink a cocktail in peace and quiet… In moderation, devices provide a good downtime opportunity for everyone!

A comfy blanket or favourite cuddly toy from home

A lot of kids experience some element of home sickness while away, especially for the first time. If they’re a bit under the weather whilst you’re away or just feel a bit displaced, having a home comfort they can wrap themselves up in or snuggle with will be a godsend. They’ll be far more relaxed and more likely to drift off to sleep.

A night light

Packing light fittings isn’t usually part of the holiday checklist, but having a gentle glow in the hotel room will mean that your little ones can rest more easily and feel more relaxed. It also means you won’t have to sit in total darkness once the kids are asleep if the hotel room doesn’t feature low level lighting. You can get compact, portable night lights that won’t take up much room in your case.

Empty carrier/ziplock bags

Travelling with kids always results in a lot of washing. Having extra bags for any especially grubby items or shoes (muddy wellies, sandy flip flops etc) will make suitcases full of dirty laundry far more palatable when you get back home. You can even arrange the items into laundry loads, if you want to be especially organised!

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