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Snow day – a much needed tonic


Today has been one of the most positive and fun days since the current lockdown began. The welcome diversion from the present monotony came in the form of snow.

The first lockdown certainly taught us to appreciate the simpler pleasures in life. However, even with a glass half full attitude, it’s been harder this lockdown. It’s winter so it’s dark earlier and it’s colder and generally less clement. The novelty factor’s worn off; the local ‘discoveries’ of last time are now very familiar. Our daily exercise (which we’re struggling to fit in because of the overload caused by juggling homeschool and work) is mundane and routine. Homeschooling is hard, even harder than last time.

Weekends don’t have the promise of meeting with friends and family or interesting excursions. At the moment, weekends are more about offering respite from the eternal work and homeschool treadmill.

Snow day

Last night I saw snow was forecast – I kept my fingers crossed. Like the kids, I love snow, but I knew we’d love it all the more right now. There was no snow first thing, but then it started… and it was settling. HURRAH! The kids were so excited. We rushed straight out into the garden and played. After breakfast we got the sledge and headed to our local park. Even the walk there was fun; the disruption, the break from the norm… the snowball fights.

Our local park has lots of hills, and the kids and I had a blast sledging down them (Matt wasn’t so brave 🙂 ). We weren’t the only ones. It was so lovely to see and hear so many (well distanced) people having fun. The girls said they were having a wonderful time.

My WhatsApp was pinging but there were no messages lamenting another dull weekend. Instead they were all messages saying how great the day had turned out. Similarly, my Facebook feed was filled with snowy pics and beaming faces. It was a much needed tonic for many.

Just like that, our glasses were half full and we were appreciating the simple pleasure of the ordinary, extraordinary great British weather.


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