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Finding Little Things to Celebrate


Last night we decided to ‘celebrate’ Imbolc. I’d heard of it, but can’t say it’s a usual fixture on our calendar. Also called Brigid’s Day (and for Christians Candlemas), it’s a Gaelic festival, which celebrates the ‘first day of Spring’. Fire is a big part of the festival. It was enough for me to say that we’d have a fire outside and toast marshmallows.

All three absolutely loved the randomness of sitting outside on a cold Monday night in February eating sweet treats they’d toasted themselves. They thanked us so many times, which was particularly gratifying seeing as it was such little effort and cost practically nothing. My eldest even read a bedtime story by firelight 🙂

Right now, I’m on the lookout for anything that deviates from the current lockdown tedium and mundanity. We managed to do a lot in the first lockdown, but during that period we were blessed with fab weather, which made everything a lot easier.


Next up is National Pizza Day on February 9th! We’ll be making our own. There’s a great recipe for dough and several different varieties in the girls’ Silver Spoon for Children cookbook.

Celebrate over Half-term

There is plenty to celebrate over half-term, least not a one week break from homeschooling (never before have I looked forward so much to an uninterrupted week of work).

Chinese New Year – Friday, 12 February

We’ll be getting the local takeaway on speed dial and making sure we include the girls’ favourites of crispy shredded duck and seaweed in the order. We might even have a go at making our own Fortune Cookies. There are also lots of Chinese New Year craft activities available to keep younger ones busy. Marks & Spencer has some great Chinese food inspiration.

No Chinatown celebrations this year
Valentine’s Day – Sunday, 14 February

I’m not usually a big fan of Valentine’s Day as it’s rather too commercial, but this year we’ll make an effort as I know my three will really enjoy it. I’m thinking a candlelit dinner for five (which we can dress up for), plenty of chocolate and some nice flowers to cheer the house up (it doesn’t have to be roses).

Pancake Day – Tuesday, 16 February

Kids ♥️ pancake day! Nutella is a massive favourite, but they also love the classic sugar and lemon. I must remember to get the Grand Marnier in this time. We didn’t have any last year (it’s my fave topping for pancakes), but due to the power of social media two friends and neighbours came to the rescue. Here’s the failsafe pancake recipe we use.

…And let’s not forget National Drink Wine Day for the adults. Cheers!

I’ll have a think about what we can celebrate in March. Hopefully it’ll be the return to some sort of normality!


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