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Eco-organic Baby Shampoo & Conditioner – Estelle & Thild


My dad came back from Italy the other week armed with four bottles of Chicco ‘senza lacrime’ (no tears) baby shampoo, as I can’t get it in the UK. I love it as it leaves the childrens’ hair smelling beautiful.

A week after his return I was sent some samples from Swedish eco-organic skincare brand Estelle & Thild: a baby shampoo and conditioner from its Baby & Child Collection. So, I have been using its baby shampoo instead of Chicco for the purposes of this review.

Baby shampoo and conditioner

Like the Green People brand (see review here), this range was also developed by a mum, and was inspired by the baby soft skin of her children (Estelle and Mathilde). The Baby & Child range is certified organic and100% free from perfume and fragrance oils, which often cause irritation and allergies. This means they are fantastic for babies and children with even very sensitive skin.

I’m quite a sucker for packaging and my first thought was how gorgeous the two products looked. They would make a wonderful gift.

The shampoo lathers up beautifully. It is £13.80 for 200ml, but I did find you needed a lot less than with any other shampoos I’ve used, so you can apply sparingly. I asked whether it was ok if it got into the kids’ eyes and was advised  – like with most products – to avoid the eye area. It’s not actually billed as a ‘no tears’ formula. With three of them thrashing about in the tub it did end up in their eyes, but we had no stinging issues as the product is so mild and gentle. It rinsed out well and left their hair looking shiny.

Baby shampoo

My eldest daughter’s hair has only just got to the length where it requires conditioner, so I have no brand loyalty as yet. The Estelle and Thild conditioner is £14.70 for 150ml, but again you only need the smallest amount; a lot less than the other brands we have tried so far. It leaves Sofia’s hair wonderfully soft and manageable. I have also used it on my own hair and was very happy with the results. The conditioner has quite a thick consistency, which is very nice but makes it a bit difficult to get out of the bottle even when it’s full. Like the shampoo, it rinses out well and doesn’t weigh the hair down.

I have to say I miss not having any fragrance. This is a very personal preference and if you have children with sensitive skin this product is going to win hands down over something that has a nice fragrance but uses chemicals to achieve it.

In addition to the Baby & Child Collection, the company also produces a number of other ranges. I will certainly be checking out their Rose Otto – Age prevent one!

View the whole collection at: Naturisimo.


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