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Potty Training Twins: Excuse #18 for Delaying


I procrastinated with my eldest’s potty training a little. I decided to wait until she was two-and-a-half and then cheated with Pull ups for longer than was necessary. She took to potty training well, but I could have accelerated the process had I been prepared to go cold turkey.

Potty training two

That was with one child. Now I have to potty train twins; twins that have an older sibling.

The twins turned two-and-a-half last week. I thought we’d give it a whirl last weekend as it was the first weekend in as long as I can remember that we didn’t have plans as a family.

My excuse for not doing it other weekends was:

1. We already had plans. I didn’t want to ruin my eldest’s weekend and make her miss out on activities so that we could stay in and do potty training bootcamp

My excuses for not doing it during the week are:

2. They are in childcare for three hours, twice a week so that I’m able to work, and I don’t want accidents on the journey there eating into my work time

3. I have the school run during the week and I don’t want to add to the stress of that

I bought cheap potties over six months ago. They are fully aware of what they are and what they are supposed to be used for and have indeed both used them (correctly) before. They have plenty of ‘big girl’ knickers. I also have my Sticky Hand Sanitiser from Green People at the ready – a potty training essential – and have made the all-important sticker charts to reward success.

Last weekend, my husband Matt was busy jet-washing the patio (!) so essentially I was on my own and outnumbered. We had six accidents within 20 minutes. I had no idea they peed that much! I carried on and we had two successes each (luck more than skill I think) and another 10 accidents. My hands were red raw from cleaning up all the mess and we’d only been at it a couple of hours. M&G went up for their post-lunch nap so I put a Pull up on them, Sofia had a party to go to in the afternoon and I had a week’s laundry to iron. I concluded the potty training for that weekend.

So, excuses not to try again this weekend:

4. They both have colds and are not receptive to anything

5. Saturday morning we are going to Clarks to take advantage of the 20% off special (details here). I don’t want toilet accidents getting in the way of discounted shoes

6. Saturday afternoon we are going over to visit friends we haven’t seen in ages. I don’t want toilet accidents getting in the way of a long overdue catchup

7. Sunday is Mother’s day. It would be nice to have one stress-free day. Potty training does not constitute stress free

Excuses not to try after this weekend:

8. It’s cold still, perhaps we’ll wait until they won’t freeze when wandering around the house in just vest and pants

9. Wait until it’s warmer and they can go nappy-less in the garden

10 . The following weekend my husband Matt is working and I’m driving a three/four hour round trip to my friend’s birthday/reveal party

11. Sofia starts her Easter break from school in a week’s time. She will expect a full itinerary of fun and that doesn’t include hovering around potties and wiping up spillages

12. It’s then Easter. It would be nice to have a stress-free long weekend. Potty training does not constitute stress free

13. They have their Christening at the end of April. I don’t want toilet accidents ruining their beautiful silk dresses

14. They have their Christening at the end of April. I don’t want toilet accidents ruining our enjoyment of the day

15. We’re going on holiday. I don’t want to risk accidents on the plane

16. We’re going on holiday. I don’t want toilet accidents getting in the way of a relaxing holiday

17. They still don’t seem ‘ready’

18. I still don’t seem ‘ready’ to potty train twins

Potty training


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I’m Fran: wife, mother-of-three and freelance publicist. My love for communicating and writing mirrors my passion for trying to be the best mum I can be. I love good food & wine, Italian culture and football and have a keen interest in personal finance. I also blog over on Epsom & Ewell Families and Habyts, and write sporadically for a number of other sites.


  1. This is not something I am looking forward to. And you’ve certainly helped me make up my mind not to try anything clever early doors with it!

    • I never saw the point to be honest. I know a few parents that had early potty-trained children, who suddenly experienced a regression a few months down the line. They do pick it up a lot faster later on (in my experience of potty training one!).

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  3. You certainly aren’t the last people to potty train their kids. We didn’t potty train our triplets until after their third birthday.

    I think there are a lot of good reasons to wait, if you can. They have much better cognitive understanding of what you expect, and their bladders are much stronger and bigger.

    I documented our adventures in potty-training our triplets here:

    • I got them potty trained a few months before their third birthday in the end, and was so glad that we waited. They got it really quickly by that point.

      The boot camp sounds interesting. I did consider that – and can really see the benefits – but having an older child made it a bit tricky. Even if I’d signed up to spending three days camped out in the toilet with the twins, she certainly wouldn’t have!!

      Thanks for sharing the link; very enjoyable post to read.

      • Yeah, I have triplets and I imagine having an older kid along for the ride would make everything tricky. As hard as triplets are, I can’t imagine doing the no-sleep thing with a little one running around.

        • I bow down to the parent of triplets, but the sleep deprivation of twins with a toddler, who insisted on getting up at 5.00am every day and going out was challenging in its own way. I remember going to a Sure Start Centre with my eldest when the twins were a week old and everyone thought I was crazy. The fact of the matter was I was actually crazier at home with a two year old running around needing attention. It was actually easier to just get out of the house!!

  4. Kimberly Temple on

    Hehe this made me chuckle! I waited until my three were ripping their nappies off and demanding to be potty trained (I still was not ready!) They got it pretty quickly though and the whole potty training triplets thing wasn’t as much hard work as I thought it would be! Definitely a lot to be said for waiting 🙂 #multiplemadness

  5. Haha, oh I’m not sure I will ever be ready to potty train twins. My first has been bad enough! I’m trying to pretend I won’t have to do it with the twins!! I assume you got there in the end, I’ll have to come back for tips! xx #multiplemadness

    • Wait until they’re well and truly ready (until you are well and truly ready!) is my number one tip; no medals for getting them potty trained really early. Although I tried to potty train them at the same time, I found that one took the lead. I just went with it. Oh and try to wait until summer to do it. Less layers to get wet if there’s an accident when you’re out and plenty of opportunities for potty training nappy-less in the garden!

  6. My twins (who were my first) weren’t potty trained until they were around 2 years 10 months. I had tried during the summer (they were born in April) thinking it was ideal that they could just go knickerless under their dresses at home but they just weren’t ready. My next trained herself by 18 months(!!!!!) and my eldest son by around 2 1/2. Kids are all so different, I wonder how my youngest will be. Thanks for linking up #MultipleMadness

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