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A Guide to Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity


We never quite realise how long six weeks drags on for until we have to find child-friendly activities to fill the entirety of the period. Creativity and the ability to find new things to make and do can see you and your children through any stretch of time.

Here are some of the many ways in which you can encourage your child’s creativity this summer.

Creativity Outdoors 

While the British Isles may not guarantee blue skies throughout the summer, now is the time to get out and about and make use of your local amenities. The outdoors can provide your children with opportunities for creativity that may not be possible during other seasons, so how about:

  • Nature Collages – go out and collect bits and bobs for a pretty picture or collage. Create a woodland scene out of sticks, leaves and grass or a bird portrait from feathers and twigs. The possibilities are endless
  • Rock Painting – have a trek and collect a number of rocks that catch your eye, then give them a wash and paint them. The different shapes offer lots of scope for designs. The finished pieces make sweet ornaments for the home or garden
  • Make a Wildlife Patch – dedicate some time to looking after nature, and encourage compassion for our environment. If you have a garden allocate a special place and plant some sweet flowers for the bees and butterflies, or a little wooden box with some food and water for animals passing by. If not, find a quiet place in your local area, perhaps in a park or on a hedgerow, and look after it – remove litter or leave some seeds for birds
  • Build a Den – be careful not to trespass or annoy neighbours, but outdoor dens are a must for summer activities. Whether you stick to long branches and make a simple wigwam or bring sheets and tarp from home, there is lots of fun to be had, and lots of den ideas to play around with

Creativity Indoors

A great way to help grow your children’s creativity at home is to encourage them to make or do something for the house that everybody can enjoy. It can also teach them some pretty nifty skills for later on in life, so why not try:

  • Sewing or Cross-Stitching – being able to do simple repairs to clothing and textiles is a dying art, so teach some basic stitching techniques. Try small projects like a simple little beanbag toy filled with rice or a cross-stitched greeting card
  • Tie Dyeing – simple and endless fun, tie-dye some plain bed sheets or t-shirts to be enjoyed again and again. There are lots of different patterns to experiment with, and finally unravelling the dyed product is something like magic!
  • Decorate Crockery – try upcycling. Buy some plain plates, bowls, tumblers from a charity shop and paint them.
  • Indoor Den – dens are not just for the outdoors. Again, this can present a healthy challenge to children if you lack room. See what can be made out of a small space. Sheets and blankets, divider screens and clothes horses are among the tools.

Encouraging creativity is a significant step towards independence. Giving your children the tools to think outside of the box and come up with inventive ways to amuse themselves is important to character development. It also  enables you to enjoy new activities together in the meantime.

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By Charlotte Baldwin, Operations Manager at IQ Cards

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