Cheap Childrens’ Clothes: The £2.99 Dresses


I’ve spent a lot on clothing my three girls. However, of late I’ve been looking to cut costs and find cheap childrens’ clothes that still look good.

Cheap Children's Clothes

Some of our H&M haul including 5 of the £2.99 dresses

Childrens’ clothes

All of the dresses I’d been buying until recently were fairly pricey from places such as Boden, Petit Bateau . My husband often travels to the States, so we occasionally get Ralph Lauren clothes (much, much cheaper than in the UK). John Lewis is also another port of call. It tends to be cheaper than the aforementioned but can still be quite pricey. They’re all lovely clothes but not necessarily the clobber I want them to do painting in at pre-school or wear to messy play.

I also have this thing where I like to buy each child the same number of clothes each – although I’ve started to sneakily buy my eldest the same thing in two colours so that she can eventually pass them down to her sisters. Times three gets pretty expensive and there never seem to be enough dresses for every day use. Hence the need to find cheap childrens’ clothes to go alongside the expensive stuff.

Cheaper childrens’ clothes

I then had an epiphany on discovering Boots’ Mini Club and H&M Kids They both do cheap childrens’ clothes! Boots always do loads of offers and half price on a variety of lines, including cropped leggings, tunics, dresses, shorts and T-shirts and trousers. I bought a number of tunics and a variety of leggings, which all mix and match. Then there’s H&M: it’s clothing is always really well-priced. Right now they are doing girls dresses aged from one to eight years for £2.99!! I’ve stocked up on loads of the £2.99 dresses, and then some shorts and other dresses, which are still a modestly priced £5.99. The girls are elated, I don’t have to wash favourite clothes every other day and I can save the more expensive items for special occasions. It means we can compromise by alternating between dresses and shorts/leggings/trousers. Win, win.

Cheap childrens' clothes


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  1. James Skinner on

    My sister-in-law gets tons of my niece’s clothes from Ali Express – if you can wait a month for the free shipping, then you can pick up all kinds of stuff for hardly anything compared to here. And it’s bigger tha Ebay and Amazon combined, so there is a lot of everything available…

    • Wow thanks for the tip. Have just checked it out quickly and will certainly be using!! Can’t believe I’ve never heard of it.

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