milk&more milk delivery service – a review


I was approached by milk&more to trial its milk delivery (and grocery delivery) service. I didn’t need to trial it however as I’ve been a very satisfied customer for over five years.

Milk delivery and grocery delivery

It’s not just the nostalgia of the iconic glass milk bottles sat on your doorstep of a morning that makes this a great service… it’s the fact that it’s so damn convenient.

Milk delivery is just one part of the service. Aside from delivering the white stuff in every variety I can think of, milk&more delivers bakery products, dairy & fresh food, food cupboard items, drinks, snacks, home & garden bits and pieces (including pet supplies for dogs with allergies ) and gifts. You can manage it all – very easily – from your online account. However, should you need to speak to customer services by phone, you can do this very quickly.

What I love:

  • I can set up a regular order – I do this for milk and bread. This means that I always have a set amount of milk and bread coming three days a week. I can change this at any time
  • I can amend, delete or add to my order the night before delivery
  • There are always special offers on everyday items
  • Customers get sporadic free samples of new products to try
  • I can emergency order stuff I have forgotten at the supermarket
  • It’s really simple to suspend your orders if you’re going on holiday or if you just need a break from the service
Milk delivery

The joy of broken biscuits!

Some of our favourite things

Like I said it isn’t just milk. We get a lot of last minute groceries and we have a number of treat items that we get from time-to-time. The Traybakes Biscuit Tiffin Sharing Slice is a huge favourite. My three randomly love the Naked Antioxidant Apple & Botanicals Smoothie (despite its sludgy green appearance). However, the pièce de résistance is the Bumper Box of Broken Biscuits… You get a whopping 1.3kg of biscuits (which actually aren’t that broken) for a mere £3.00. The girls absolutely love this treat as do my husband and I!

Christmas 2017

Milk delivery

Christmas goodies

Milk delivery

Christmas goodies

At the moment, you can order lovely luxury items and hampers from Cartwright & Butler through the service. The milk&more Christmas catalogue is available now until December 30th. It is extensive and includes festive nibbles, speciality tea and biscuits, confectionary, desserts and even Fever-Tree tonic water for your festive tipples.

I can honestly say milk&more is a fantastic service, which I wouldn’t be without.

Milk delivery


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