Family New Year’s Resolutions

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We’ve had a good year with lots of fun and laughter, but there are definitely things we could all improve upon. I’ve never made New Year’s resolutions before and I’ve also optimistically made some on behalf of the children. In fact,  two of these were mentioned by Santa himself in the girls’ Portable North Pole messages on Christmas Eve. Is it too early to say he’s already taking note of behaviour for next Christmas?


He’s taking note already for Christmas 2015 (maybe)

My resolutions

1) Don’t say no when I could say yes. I’m not talking about being a pushover and saying yes to every request from the children, but if they want to do baking after dinner, I shouldn’t automatically say no just because I don’t want a load more washing up late in the day

2) Stop checking my phone for emails and Facebook notifications when the children are eating their meals. Awful habit. Will resolve to not even take my phone to the dinner table

3) Switch off from work and not check email all the time. Instead check every couple of hours when not working, so that non-work time is properly focused on the children

4) Don’t sweat the small stuff. Perhaps the kids wouldn’t be preoccupied with tiny details and pretty insignificant things if I wasn’t

5) Cut down on booze, unhealthy snacking and comfort foods so I can lead by example. I can’t tell the children off for asking for too many treats if I’m making lots of unhealthy choices. Credit where credit is due, they’re very good with fresh fruit and veg

All three girls’ resolutions 

1) Not mess about at the dinner table

2) Listen!!

3) Put one thing away before taking another out

4) Watch a bit less TV

Youngest daughters’ resolutions  

1)   Pleases and thank-yous used to be automatic, now not so much. Get back on track with those

2)   Not have tantrums about the minutest of things (wishful thinking on this one)

3) Speak properly and not in ‘whinge’ language

Eldest daughter’s resolutions 

1)   Stop bossing younger sisters about

2)   Not interfere in things that don’t concern her (mainly about her sisters)

Happy New Year all!! 



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  1. Thanks Fran, I think I am pretty much going to steal yours verbatim as I could have written them myself (that’s if I hadn’t been too busy checking my emails while telling the kids “No, you’ve already had several thousand sweets today ” at the same time as sneaking a chocolate down my neck behind the fridge door, staring longingly at the wine…)

  2. Think they sound pretty sensible and with you all the way. Mine really is to take up my walking again and also cut down on snacking and loose this hefty 2 stone!! Good luck to us all.!!

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