The family tree

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’m very keen on the topic of preserving memories and keeping mementos. However, people that know me personally will tell you that I am not a lover of chintz and frilliness or things that are really soppy or cutesy.

This can pose a bit of a problem sometimes as I often find keepsakes a little on the sugary side.

It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and the weekend before my husband took me out for a little shopping spree in Selfridges for a few Christmas presents :-) , a few drinks, dinner at one of my favourite restaurants and, even more excitingly, a night away in a central London boutique hotel without the kids (only the second time we’d ever left them over night – ever!).

On the day itself, which my eldest daughter was strangely very excited about, I received lots of lovely presents.

Our 'family tree'

Our ‘family tree’

However, one particular present appealed to my sense of celebrating the family and clean lines and simple elegance. This beautiful ‘papercut family tree’ from Eticuts was the absolute perfect gift for me. I felt compelled to blog about it, as not only do I love it, but my husband Matt told me how helpful they were, rushing through his order so that he got it in time for B-day. Wendy – one of the three friends behind the business – even emailed Matt to say she’d get his late in the day order to me on time: ” You men wouldn’t be men unless you left buying presents until the last minute.” – Couldn’t agree more!

There are lots of colour and framing choices and it’s a gift not only suited to families, but for commemorating many special occasions. The website tells you all you need to know.

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