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Once children get past night time feeds and the toddler stage you might think the days of nocturnal wake ups are over. Sadly not. My 10-year-old still struggles to go to sleep at night and often wakes; my twins – aged seven – nod off fairly well but also regularly wake up during the night. I was therefore interested to see what they’d make of the Kally Kids Pillow, a body pillow from Kally Sleep, which we were sent to take a look at. It is designed to help children get to sleep and stay asleep.  

Kally Kids Pillow

The Kally Kids Pillow is for children aged three and over. It aims to promote safe, deep and uninterrupted sleep and provides good neck, back and spine support. The removable and washable soft cotton Jersey pillow cover – available in three designs – keeps children cool. This is perfect for mine as they hate being too hot.

The Verdict

The girls took it in turns to use the pillow and did argue over it a number
of times! They all used it to replace their normal pillow. They loved wrapping themselves around it, and in addition to making them really comfy they also enjoyed the comfort of cuddling it. This was particularly useful in the hot weather where they were struggling to sleep and didn’t want covers but missed the security of having them.

My eldest daughter also found it really good for propping herself up whilst reading in bed. She said it felt really comfy and she could rest her arms on it, and it was a great angle for reading.

The Kally Kids Pillow (£42.99) was versatile in that they all used it slightly differently to obtain their best sleeping position. This along with a spritz of our favourite children’s lavender spray made for great nights’ sleep all round, which we were all happy about!

The Range

Kally Sleep has a range of specialist pillows and accessories, developed by sleep doctors, to help everyone benefit from a better night’s sleep. Its products encourage healthy sleep positions and a much deeper sleep. We – ie my husband – also tried the Kally Anti-Snore Pillow (£24.99). Whilst my husband didn’t notice any difference in his snoring (“I don’t snore that much”), I certainly did!

To see the full range of Kally Sleep products go to:

What are your top tips for ensuring your children have a good night’s sleep?


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