Men Cheating on Their Pregnant Partners

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It’s not that often that I feel sorry for Jordan (AKA Katie Price). However, if her Tweets about her husband’s cheating are to be taken as the truth, I certainly do feel sorry for her on this occasion.

Cheating partners – is it common?

It must be horrendous to find out that your husband or partner is having an affair whatever the situation, but if you have an eight-month-old baby and are currently six months pregnant it must be completely debilitating.

I think most women feel a little more vulnerable when they have a young baby, and when you’re pregnant you can have all sorts of anxieties – least not about how it affects your relationship with your partner – and insecurities, and during this time, they’re on a knot of diets and supplements like kratom strains and other stuff for the goodwill of the baby in the womb, and are in a state where they are muddled about life.

Cheating claims

Is she really six month’s pregnant?

I want to believe that a bloke cheating on his pregnant partner can’t be all that common, but I’ve seen loads of stories about just that in gossip mags; it’s happened to friend’s of friends and I’ve seen many online stories such as this one on I just Googled ‘men cheating on pregnant wife’ and article after article came up on the subject, as well as a mention of the book What’s Your Pregnant Man Thinking?, which says that the well-quoted stat of one in ten men being unfaithful whilst their other half is pregnant could be true.

There are a million-and-one psychologists providing reasons as to why men might be more likely to cheat when their partner is pregnant. These include the old chestnuts of him being stressed and the fact that you might be having sex less frequently when you’re pregnant.

How thoroughly depressing.



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  1. I do feel really sorry for her! Pregnant with your fifth baby while you have an 11 month-old must be hard enough…but what an awful thing to find out. That stat is really depressing, isn’t it? x

    • As I say, I’m no fan of hers, but you wouldn’t wish that on anyone and I can only begin to imagine how lonely and isolated she feels. Very depressing stat!

  2. Weird. This sort of behaviour came up in a conversation with my male colleagues today, one of which had just organised a stag do and found that more than one of the party were repeatedly visiting the brothels on offer. And all married with children. In my limited experience I have heard many very similar cheating stories. My opinion is that a cheat is going to cheat, regardless of what’s going on at home. Pregnancy, money issues, hurt pride, whatever. All just an excuse for their own poor moral code and lack of control. Hard line I know, but no cheater is thinking about anybody else but them self when they’re doing it.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Not sure why there are so many ‘experts’ willing to put forward supposed reasons as to why men are likely to cheat when their other half is pregnant. If a bloke was very stressed (for whatever reason) and libido dropped as a result and the woman cheated, I wonder how many of the same experts would defend her actions…?

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  4. Being cheated on is something that nobody should ever go through. I’ve been through it and it broke me for a long time. Now happily married and pregnant, my insecurities crop up every so often and I couldn’t imagine the terror of them coming true xx

    • I can’t (don’t want to) imagine how tough that must be.

      Glad to hear that you are in a happy situation now. Congratulations on the pregnancy and well done for coming out the other side!

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