How Do Single Parents Do It?

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I don’t know how single parents do it. I know they just have to, but seriously: how?

My husband Matt is flying out to the States tomorrow for a week for work. Any time he goes away I hate it. Obviously I miss him but the reason I really hate it is that I’m pretty reliant on his help with the kids and around the house when he gets home from work.

I sometimes wonder how partners who have been through the emotional trauma of parting ways from one another deal with everything in and their life. While it might be easy to get good lawyers from sites like and deal with the paperwork and emotional support to an extent, click here if you need some legal attorney, but how do they then manage the kids and tell them what is going om.


A family selfie

I’d consider myself a pretty capable person. Every day I look after my three children well; they are well fed, loved and stimulated, I get Sofia to school on time, keep the house vaguely tidy and fit in some paid work as well. However, after a hectic day with the trio I really am waiting for that moment that I hear Matt’s key in the door. I’ve survived on my own during the day, but by 7.05pm I am in need of a bit of support and really relish the help with the bedtime routine and someone to share the load of re-settling the children during the night (it’s a very rare night that not one of them wakes up). Single parents just don’t have that, and I’m in awe, and sometimes is difficult dealing with a divorce, if this is your care and you’re looking for a lawyer in greenwood indiana check here to find help with this.

Matt’s going to be away over the whole of half-term and this is making me extra down. I think I’ve probably moaned about it to anyone who will listen. Sofia will miss having her school friends on tap and will get bored quickly, but I know this horrendous rainy weather is not going to let up, so my usual ploy of jumping in the car and heading to a National Trust site to meet up with her friends is probably not going to happen.

I’m busy planning playdates, the multiples club that I go to is still on during half-term (and singleton siblings are very welcome) and we’re going up to Derbyshire to see my grandad for a few days. I think the time will pass quite quickly, but I’m still dreading it and know I’ll be exhausted by the time he gets back.

I really don’t know how I’d cope doing it full-time.


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